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I was born in Venice, grew up in Mogliano Veneto and studied between Mestre/Venice and Padua. Now I live happily in the country side of Treviso.


I studied computer science from high school onwards.

I went to the technical institute Zuccante in Mestre/Venice that was one of the more hard schools in my years and not for the humanistic classes ;) I graduated in 1995 with a dissertation on programming languages, lexical analysis and syntactic parsing using  Yacc “Yet Another Compiler-Compiler” and Lex “A Lexical Analyzer Generator” on UNIX platform. I developed as practical example of dissertation a “translator” from L2P/L3P language to  ANSI C.

I studied two years at the University of Padua Department of Information Engineering. In the second year I asked to be transferred to the University Ca ‘Foscari of Venice, Department of Computer Science where I could immediately follow a much more computer science curriculum and above all more applied in laboratory … I have given eight tests in ten months! and while doing civil service … :)

As soon as the short degree was introduced I applied and started to write my thesis. I graduated in 2002, exposing a dissertation in object oriented databases and some of the frameworks ORM that virtualise that approach like Java EJB “Enterprise Java Beans” and  Apple WebObject. As practical example of dissertation I developed a Java library and its application for the management of persistent objects according to the MVC ”Model-View-Controller” pattern.


During the studies …

I worked as hardware/software technician for Essedi Shop. The skills acquired are: assemble, install, configure, repair and sell computers.

Later I worked with other organizations as a programmer and web designer/developer as appropriate. The skills acquired in this period were primarily the flexibility and dynamism but also the propensity to team working and re-usability of code and of everything as an attitude to optimization … Then, of course, working tools and the ability to use them according to objective are invaluable skills in the work of a technician ;-)

After graduating …

I worked immediately for Centro Computer in Treviso in which I was part of a development team on IBM Lotus/Domino; widely used by medium/large companies .. . at least in Veneto ;-)

I served as an analyst programmer client/web and I developed complete solutions for major customers in various industries like industrial, textile, hospitality, construction and environmental safety.

Each time it was a challenge … from the analysis to user training through the implementation and realizing the integration with existing systems … always with the attitude of finding the “best fit” solution for the customer :-)

It had been a great working experience! Too bad after some time the team leader with the most relevant figures left to create an autonomous spin-off free from political and commercial decisions. Of course this choice exposed the few remained persons to greater responsibility and work, I made my bones and after few time I chose who to work with!

Currently …

Since September 2006, I am a freelancer! :-) And I work mainly with Simmatica spin-off of the previous company, and collaborate with the great team of professionals whom I respect and where I feel I fit in perfectly.

My “core business” is IBM Lotus/Domino consulting. I have proven experience in web development. Html/xhtml, css, javascript is my daily bread I have ability to reach beyond the limits of the environment with customizations and workarounds I am proud of.

Above all I develop intranet applications to manage process and collaborate within them; but I also develop other solutions fro example I have created WebIndex CMS “Content Management System” to manage websites from both Lotus Notes client and from any web browser. WebIndex layout is customizable with html/css layouts. IBM Lotus/Domino WordPress ;-)

Microsoft Sharepoint consulting is also becoming important. I develop Visual Studio solutions, JavaScript,  SPDesigner and thanks to SPWeb services I have made some interesting automation and integration with other environments.

As side-project Ops ;-) that’s no more a side project…

I work as freelance web developer… from Abobe web package to simple text editor. I worked with Joomla! but I am specialized in WordPress wich i know from 2.8 release always updating to the new one and its fantastic improvements…

I collaborate with lots companies, I can quote Venezia.NetBitstreamNew Boys Production, Claim the creative boxSeisnet, Simmatica, Sies and much more ..

I’m always looking for new collaborations for web development … contact me !!! maybe we could work together :-) Or give a look to a small selection of my works … and than…

Contact me !!!